1507 Utility Vessel 15 week build in 1 minute timelapse

1507 Utility Vessel 15 week build in 1 minute timelapse

The 1507 Utility Vessel is build by Nauplius Workboats for a Scottish Fish Farm company.  The Nauplius 1507 Utility Vessel has been developed for the Aquaculture industry for site boat duties. This build is part of a 2 boat order.

Currently the 1507UV Utility Vessel are in process of  outfitting at Nauplius Workboats shipyard in Groningen.

1507 UV
Due to her large work deck and knuckle boom crane, easy handling on tarpaulins, fish net and supporting equipment will not be a problem. Below deck a large engine room is available,
with enough space to place supporting equipment such as a netwasher pump. Due to her unique hull shape she is a very stable platform whilst lying still at the fish pen but has a high manoeuvrability and high top speed when sailing.

There is even enough space to create a full-size accommodation with two sleeping cabins below deck
which may staying overnight on board possible. At the side of the vessel gates are provided inside the bulwark with in the hull integrated steps for easy access to the fish pen.
Due to her versatility she can be used for different kind of duties and can be tailormade to the requested duties such as:

͚ Maintenance/service vessel
͚ Survey vessel
͚ Harbour support

͚ Oil spill recovery
͚ Diving support

For any desired adjustments or alterations in design and/or equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How this video was made:
Timelapse specialist AVE-solutions from Hoogezand was tasked by Nauplius Workboats with filming the quality naval timelapse of a 1507UV construction. To do this, they used their proprietary timelapse cameras that can capture one 16mp frame every minute over many years and edit this material into a stunning timelapse movie, ofcours this build was accomplished in 15 weeks 😉
For more information on the timelapse: www.ave-solutions.nl

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