Nauplius Workboats: Designs, develops, converts and delivered

Nauplius Workboats is a project development organisation that designs vessels, builds vessels of converts vessels and deliver these vessels as main contractor. It is also possible to deliver these services as co-maker or sub-contractor to shipyards or ship-owners. We deliver our services worldwide.

Nauplius Workboats tries to follow the market as close as possible and develops together with their clients pro-actively new solutions for the different markets. We also delivery a tailor-made solution for our clients which will be the best mixture between technical engineering and cost effective solution.


“We Fit Your Purpose”


We already have a long track record in fast going vessels, custom build solutions for multi-purpose workboats and conversion of vessels and ship systems.

Advantages Nauplius Workboats:

  • Worldwide operational envelope and experience
  • Design of “one-off” or series of vessels
  • Short communication lines with personal touch. One contactperson from design to delivery

Project development:

Nauplius Workboats has a long reputation of designing vessels but is a modern project development organisation. Our organisation acts as a knowledge centre and takes the lead in all projects. For building a vessel there are four basic disciplines / companies required meaning: Design office / quality control / building of the hull / finalising and commissioning of the vessel. Nauplius Workboats offers turnkey solutions and works very close together with Argos Engineering located in Groningen. Depending on each project, Nauplius Workboats works with specialists for each discipline. These specialists are our own co-maker with whom we work very closely together, or can be chosen by our clients when they have a specific preference for a specific specialist. With our way of working, our client is always secured with a tailor-made solution with biggest advantage with no waisted money for overhead costs and always specialised personnel for each discipline.